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    21 Amazing Shadow Art Pieces [PICS]

    Everyday objects manipulated to art which cast incredibly realistic shadows. Here are some stunning pieces by artists Kumi Yamashita, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Shigeo Fukuda, and Larry Kagan. 1.

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  • Holiday_Banners_PSD_Set_Preview_Small

    Christmas Holiday Banners Set [PSD]

    You know that when the seasons come, all websites change their look and feel. Designers add snow, trees and other graphics to produce a warm holiday atmosphere. We want to give you a hand on your

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    100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Badges [PSD]

    [button link="http://freepsdfiles.net/get-file/?id=3421" size="large" bgColor="#02517a" textColor="#ffffff" align="center" target="blank"]Download Now![/button] [button

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    45 Best Photoshop Actions For Photographers

    We always find tips and tricks to enhance productivity and as human we try to invent those ways to present quality within time so I have some tricky Photoshop actions for designers and

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  • WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

    14 Top WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

    These days, you can sell your products and services to anyone and anywhere in the world. This was made possible by the internet and WordPress. And with the help of the best Shopping Cart plugins

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Food Icons PSD

Food Icons PSD

Some of the food icons in our free PSD set are: Banana icon. Apple icon. Orange icon. Watermelon icon. Cherry icon. Strawberry icon. Cheese icon. Egg icon. Fish icon. Hot dog icon. Cake icon.



2013 WordPress Ping List

2013 WordPress Ping List

People quite often ask me questions about how I get my posts indexed in Google within 15 minutes. I tell them that I dabble in Black Magic and other strange forms of sorcery. But honestly, I just