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    100 Most Beautiful Places In The World

    From the bold and vibrant to the sublime and desolate, here are 100 of the most beautiful landscapes on planet Earth. (In no particular order. Photography referenced at the bottom.) 1. Salar de

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    35 Awesome Headline Fonts

    Font selection for headlines on websites can be critical to achieving the right look and drawing the proper attention with the headlines. Here is a look at 35 fonts that will give you some

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  • Extreme Photo Manipulation Examples

    Extreme Photo Manipulation Examples

    Photo manipulation is the ultimate relationship between a graphic design and photography. With the help of photo manipulation, designer can show of their creative minds and amaze other people

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  • Disable The Admin Bar In WordPress

    Disable The Admin Bar In WordPress

    From the latest WordPress version, the WordPress core developers decided that the admin bar is an essential part of the Admin section (from what I understand). Personal, I don’t find much use for

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  • Holiday_Card_PSD_Template

    Christmas Holiday Card Template [PSD]

    It’s Christmas time again, exchange a holiday card, greet your friends and spread the holiday atmosphere! Don’t worry about the holiday cards – we’ve got you covered! Just download our PSD

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Food Icons PSD

Food Icons PSD

Some of the food icons in our free PSD set are: Banana icon. Apple icon. Orange icon. Watermelon icon. Cherry icon. Strawberry icon. Cheese icon. Egg icon. Fish icon. Hot dog icon. Cake icon.



2013 WordPress Ping List

2013 WordPress Ping List

People quite often ask me questions about how I get my posts indexed in Google within 15 minutes. I tell them that I dabble in Black Magic and other strange forms of sorcery. But honestly, I just