• 20 Everyday Photoshop Effect Tutorials

    20 Everyday Photoshop Effect Tutorials

    Photoshop is THE best tool for photo effects, but the right techniques of applying the right tools and filters at the right moments matters a lot. To resolve this problem for less experienced

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  • 120mm

    iPhone 5 Review; Is It Worth Waiting For?

    In September 2012 Apple released their newest iPhone with the features most people seemed to want from an iPhone: A bigger screen and support for 4G mobile networks (which are springing up like

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  • 600+ Free Hand-Designed Icons in PNG and PSD

    600+ Free Hand-Designed Icons in PNG and PSD

    Hand-Designed icon set by Turqois, in which there 3 different sizes (16, 32, 64). Each icon created with pixel-perfect shape layer on Photoshop. Download and get PNGs and PSDs file. There are

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  • Dark_Portfolio_Website_Template_Preview_Small

    Dark Portfolio Website Template [Freebie]

    Portfolio PSD website template available to download for free! We have succeeded creating bold, sharp and strong visual elements which combined with modern, semi-transparent style give awesome

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  • Matt Cutts's Website Holiday Security Tips & Impersonating a Dinosaur

    Matt Cutts’s Website Holiday Security Tips & Impersonating a Dinosaur

    Google has put out a new Webmaster Help video. This time, it’s just Matt Cutts offering some “holiday tips,” which simply advise you to take security precautions with your data, and use Google’s

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Food Icons PSD

Food Icons PSD

Some of the food icons in our free PSD set are: Banana icon. Apple icon. Orange icon. Watermelon icon. Cherry icon. Strawberry icon. Cheese icon. Egg icon. Fish icon. Hot dog icon. Cake icon.



2013 WordPress Ping List

2013 WordPress Ping List

People quite often ask me questions about how I get my posts indexed in Google within 15 minutes. I tell them that I dabble in Black Magic and other strange forms of sorcery. But honestly, I just