How-To Get 3005 Backlinks For Free In 15 minutes

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Yes.. My heart also skipped a beat when I discovered this. So I tried it a few times just to find out that this is a genuine free service to create a lot of backlinks for free!

I don’t want to start the discussion if many unrelated backlinks nowadays still work (or not) to get a better page rank from the popular search engines. Lets just keep it at the fact that it will probably make a slight difference then when you have no backlinks at all.

So, this is how you can create 3005 backlinks for your website or blog within 15 minutes:

Step 1 : Visit Backlink Tool Website IMTALK (link opens in a new window)

Step 2 : You will see the online backlink tool named IMT Website Submitter, which looks something like this.

How-To Get 2000+ Backlinks For Free

Step 3 : Enter the Required fields, i.e. Website/Blog URL, Keyword, select the number of pages to be created (with this they mean the number of backlinks that are created) and then click submit.

Step 4 : Now this tool creates the page (backlinks) and they will also be pinged immediately. That means backlinks/link popularity will be created.

Note : Please do not interrupt till it counts to the selected number of pages.

Step 5 : With this tool you can now create 3005 Free Backlinks or Link popularity very easily. Use it wisely!

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